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Victoria House Hanovarian riding Instruction
CYNTHIA SOUZA 209 914 6763


Riding Instruction

Victoria House Sporthorses offers beginning and intermediate riding instruction for youth, starting at age five, and for adults. Our instruction concentrates on giving students experience on working with a horse or pony "from the ground – up." This means beginning students will be introduced to: how to lead, groom, saddle and bridle a horse before the actual riding instruction begins. This "Tacking Up" is an important part of each lesson, as it teaches the student how to gain confidence in handling a horse or pony, all the while building a relationship with a particular horse or pony over time.

Once the riding portion of the lesson begins, beginning students will be introduced to basic riding techniques including: proper mounting, how to correctly hold the reigns, leg position, leg and seat aides, and safe dismounting. Initial riding lessons will be conducted on the lunge-line until instructor deems student ready to ride independently with a strong seat and without pulling on the horse’s mouth. Over time, students will learn how to effectively walk, trot and canter, respectively, as the strength and correctness of the rider’s leg and seat aids increase. This can often be a methodical process that occurs over several weeks and/or months.

Intermediate students will be evaluated as to their level of riding experience and their goals for riding (i.e. recreational trail riding, English equitation showing, etc.) Once determined, instructor will establish a program of lessons to fit the individual goals of the student. They will be required to demonstrate their ability to properly "tack-up" their lesson horse upon arrival, and if the instructor so deems, may be required to complete a lesson on proper tacking, grooming, etc., until instructor deems student proficient.

Lessons are $40 per hour. If student purchases a package of 6 lessons, the price is $35 per lesson for a total of $210 for the package.

Proper attire for riding lessons: Beginning students: for the first few lessons, long jeans or thick leggings and hard soled, closed toes shoes are acceptable. Successive lessons and intermediate students: English riding breeches, English riding boots (rubber or leather) or paddock boots with half chaps are required. No open-toed shoes are allowed in barn areas for riders or spectators.

Safety Helmets: Riding Helmets are required at all lessons. Instructor has a limited amount of riding helmets available for loan for the first few lessons until rider can provide their own.

Please Contact Cynthia Souza at 209-914-6763 to arrange dates and times of lessons.

Download our Final Barn Rules here

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